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As you may have heard, Freddy and friends are running for President (yes, of the USA!!!!)! sooo, my main goal is to free the two million people in jail for victimless "crimes" and bring all american troops home from overseas, overnight! will save millions of lives and trillions of dollars!~ And to have free higher education for all, including medical and law school. free housing, and free food, to enforce the right to life! free medical care (INCLUDING PREGNANCY TERMINATION!!!!!!) for ALL (govt care like england and france have!), w/ patients allowed to insure for what is not covered, or to get ahead in line. (will save billions: 40% of med costs goes to insurance companies, not health care!) Oh, and only taxing the wealthiest americans, for common sense + moral reasons! and repealing and/or overturning in court all Big Brother legislation like the Indefinite Detention law w/o lawyer or trial (NDAA) passed on New Years! there is more, but that will suffice for now! soon, Freddy and Friends will be driving a converted diesel school bus that runs on waste vegetable oil around the nation, campaigning! i send you all my love, and my friends do to!!!! all our love!!! Shalom! peace!!!! love!!! NOW!!!!!!!!! ALL OUR TOTAL LOVE, FREDDY AND FRIENDS!!!!!!

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